Workbook for Tonal Harmony 8th Edition eTextbook by Stefan Kostka

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part I Fundamentals
Chapter 1 Elements of Pitch
Chapter 2 Elements of Rhythm
Chapter 3 Introduction to Triads and Seventh Chords
Chapter 4 Diatonic Chords in MAJOR and Minor Keys
Part II Diatonic Triads
Chapter 5 Principles of Voice Leading
Chapter 6 Root-Position Part Writing
Chapter 7 Harmonic Progression and the Sequence
Chapter 8 Triads in First Inversion
Chapter 9 Triads in Second Inversion
Chapter 10 Cadences, Phrases, Periods, and Sentences
Chapter 11 Two-Part Tonal Counterpoint
Chapter 12 Nonchord Tones 1
Chapter 13 Nonchord Tones 2
Part III Diatonic Seventh Chords
Chapter 14 The V7 Chord
Chapter 15 Other Diatonic Seventh Chords
Part IV Chromaticism 1
Chapter 16 Secondary Functions 1
Chapter 17 Secondary Functions 2
Chapter 18 Modulations Using Diatonic Common Chords
Chapter 19 Some Other Modulatory Techniques
Chapter 20 Larger Forms
Part V Chromaticism 2
Chapter 21 Mode Mixture and the Neapolitan
Chapter 22 Augmented Sixth Chords
Chapter 23 Enharmonic Spellings and Enharmonic Modulations
Chapter 24 Further Elements of the Harmonic Vocabulary
Chapter 25 Tonal Harmony in the Late Nineteenth Century
Part VI An Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music
Chapter 26 Materials and Techniques
Chapter 27 Post-Tonal Theory
Chapter 28 New Directions

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Name: Workbook for Tonal Harmony 8th Edition
Author: Stefan Kostka
Edition: 8
ISBN-10: 1259686760
ISBN-13: 9781259686764
Type: eTextbook

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