The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis 3rd Edition

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part I Elements of Music
1. Pitch and Pitch Class
2. Simple Meters
3. Pitch Collections, Scales, and Major Keys
4. Compound Meters
5. Minor Keys and the Diatonic Modes
6. Intervals
7. Triads
8. Seventh Chords
9. Connecting Intervals in Note-to-Note Counterpoint
10. Melodic and Rhythmic Embellishment in Two-Voice Composition
Part II Diatonic Harmony and Tonicization
11. From Species to Chorale Style: Soprano and Bass Lines
12. The Basic Phrase in SATB Style
13. Dominant Sevenths, the Predominant Area, and Chorale Harmonization
14. Expanding the Basic Phrase
15. New Cadence Types and Diatonic Root Progressions
16. Embellishing Tones
17. Voice-Leading Chords
18. Phrase Structure and Motivic Analysis
19. Diatonic Sequences
20. Secondary Dominant and Leading-Tone Chords to V
21. Tonicizing Scale Degrees Other Than V
Part III Chromatic Harmony and Form
22. Modulation to Closely Related Keys
23. Binary and Ternary Forms
24. Invention, Fugue, and Baroque Counterpoint
25. Variation
26. Modal Mixture
27. The Neapolitan Sixth and Augmented-Sixth Chords
28. Vocal Forms
29. Popular Music
30. Chromatic Harmony and Voice-Leading
31. Chromatic Modulation
32. Sonata, Sonatina, and Concerto
33. Rondo, Sonata-Rondo, and Large Ternary
Part IV The Twentieth Century and Beyond
34. Modes, Scales, and Sets
35. Rhythm, Meter, and Form in Music after 1900
36. Music Analysis with Sets
37. Sets and Set Classes
38. Ordered Segments and Serialism
39. Rhythm, Meter, and Form after 1945
40. Recent Trends

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Name: The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis 3rd Edition
Author: Jane Piper Clendinning, Elizabeth West Marvin
Edition: 3
ISBN-10: 0393263053
ISBN-13: 9780393263053
Type: eTextbook

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