Power System Dynamics with Computer-Based Modeling and Analysis, 1st Edition

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part A: Power Systems Theories and Practices
1. Essentials of Electromagnetism
2. Complex Number Notation (Symbolic Method) and the Laplace Transform
3. Transmission Line Matrices and Symmetrical Components
4. Physics of Transmission Lines and Line Constants
5. The Per-Unit Method
6. Transformer Modeling
7. Fault Analysis Based on Symmetrical Components
8. Fault Analysis with the αβ0-Method
9. Power Cables
10. Synchronous Generators, Part 1: Circuit Theory
11. Synchronous Generators, Part 2: Characteristics of Machinery
12. Steady-State, Transient, and Dynamic Stability
13. Induction Generators and Motors (Induction Machines)
14. Directional Distance Relays and R–X Diagrams
15. Lightning and Switching Surge Phenomena and Breaker Switching
16. Overvoltage Phenomena
17. Insulation Coordination
18. Harmonics and Waveform Distortion Phenomena
19. Power Electronic Applications, Part 1: Devices
20. Power Electronics Applications, Part 2: Circuit Theory
21. Power Electronics Applications, Part 3: Control Theory
Appendix A. Mathematical Formulae
Appendix B. Matrix Equation Formulae
Part B: Digital Computation Theories
22. Digital Computation Basics
23. Power-Flow Methods
24. Short-Circuit Methods
25. Harmonics
26. Reliability
27. Numerical Integration Methods
28 Optimization
Part C: Analytical Practices and Examples using ETAP
29. Introduction to Power System Analysis
30. One-Line Diagrams
31. Load Flow
32. Short-Circuit/Fault Analysis
33. Motor Starting
34. Harmonics
35. Transient Stability
36. Reliability Assessment
37. Protective Device Coordination
Appendix C. Standards, Regulations, and Best Practice

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Name: Power System Dynamics with Computer-Based Modeling and Analysis
Author: Yoshihide Hase, Tanuj Khandelwal, Kazuyuki Kameda
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 1119487455
ISBN-13: 978-1119487456
Type: eTextbook

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