Organic Chemistry: Mechanistic Patterns

Complete eTextbook Content:
CHAPTER 1: Carbon and Its Compounds
CHAPTER 2: Anatomy of an Organic Molecule
CHAPTER 3: Molecules in Motion: Conformations by Rotations
CHAPTER 4: Stereochemistry: Three-Dimensional Structure in Molecules
CHAPTER 5: Organic Reaction Mechanism: Using Curved Arrows to Analyze Reaction Mechanisms
CHAPTER 6: Acids and Bases
CHAPTER 7: π Bonds as Electrophiles: Reactions of Carbonyls and Related Functional Groups
CHAPTER 8: π Bonds as Nucleophiles: Reactions of Alkenes, Alkynes, Dienes, and Enols
CHAPTER 9: Conjugation and Aromaticity
CHAPTER 10: Synthesis Using Aromatic Materials: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution and Directed Ortho Metalation
CHAPTER 11: Displacement Reactions on Saturated Carbons: SN1 and SN2 Substitution Reactions
CHAPTER 12: Formation of π Bonds by Elimination Processes: Elimination and Oxidation Reactions
CHAPTER 13: Structure Determination I: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
CHAPTER 14: Structure Determination II: Mass Spectrometry and Infrared Spectroscopy
CHAPTER 15: π Bond Electrophiles Connected to Leaving Groups: Carboxylic Acid Derivatives and Their Reactions
CHAPTER 16: π Bonds with Hidden Leaving Groups: Reactions of Acetals and Related Compounds
CHAPTER 17: Carbonyl-Based Nucleophiles: Aldol, Claisen, Wittig, and Related Enolate Reactions
CHAPTER 18: Selectivity and Reactivity in Enolate Reactions: Control of Stereoselectivity and Regioselectivity
CHAPTER 19: Radicals: Halogenation, Polymerization, and Reduction Reactions
CHAPTER 20: Reactions Controlled by Orbital Interactions: Ring Closures, Cycloadditions, and Rearrangements
Appendix A: Answers to Checkpoint Problems
Appendix B: Common Errors in Organic Structures and Mechanisms
Appendix C: pKa Values of Selected Organic Compounds
Appendix D: NMR and IR Spectroscopic Data
Appendix E: Periodic Table of the Elements

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Name: Organic Chemistry: Mechanistic Patterns
Author: William Ogilvie, Nathan Ackroyd, Scott Browning, Ghislain Deslongchamps, Felix Lee, Effie Sauer
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 017650026X
ISBN-13: 978-0176500269
Type: eTextbook

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