Machine Elements in Mechanical Design, 6th edition eTextbook by Robert L. Mott, Edward M. Vavrek, Jyhwen Wang

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part 1 Principles of Design and Stress Analysis
1 The Nature of Mechanical Design
2 Materials in Mechanical Design
3 Stress and Deformation Analysis
4 Combined Stresses
5 Design for Different Types of Loading
6 Columns
Part 2 Design of a Mechanical Drive
7 Belt Drives and Chain Drives
8 Kinematics of Gears
9 Spur Gear Design
10 Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, and Wormgearing
11 Keys, Couplings, and Seals
12 Shaft Design
13 Tolerances and Fits
14 Rolling Contact Bearings
15 Completion of the Design of a Power Transmission
Part 3 Design Details and Other Machine Elements
16 Plain Surface Bearings
17 Linear Motion Elements
18 Springs
19 Fasteners
20 Machine Frames, Bolted Connections, and Welded Joints
21 Electric Motors and Controls
22 Motion Control: Clutches and Brakes
23 Design Projects
List of Appendices
Appendix 1 Properties of Areas
Appendix 2 Preferred Basic Sizes and Screw Threads
Appendix 3 Design Properties of Carbon and Alloy Steels
Appendix 4 Properties of Heat-Treated Steels
Appendix 5 Properties of Carburized Steels
Appendix 6 Properties of Stainless Steels
Appendix 7 Properties of Structural Steels
Appendix 8 Design Properties of Cast Iron–U.S. Units Basis
Appendix 8A Design Properties of Cast Iron–SI Units Basis
Appendix 9 Typical Properties of Aluminum
Appendix 10-1 Properties of Die-Cast Zinc Alloys
Appendix 10-2 Properties of Die-Cast Magnesium Alloys
Appendix 11-1 Properties of Nickel-Based Alloys
Appendix 11-2 Properties of Titanium Alloys
Appendix 12 Properties of Bronzes, Brasses, and Other Copper Alloys
Appendix 13 Typical Properties of Selected Plastics
Appendix 14 Beam-Deflection Formulas
Appendix 15 Commercially Available Shapes Used for Load-Carrying Members
Appendix 16 Conversion Factors
Appendix 17 Hardness Conversion Table
Appendix 18 Stress Concentration Factors
Appendix 19 Geometry Factor, I, for Pitting for Spur Gear

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Name: Machine Elements in Mechanical Design, 6th edition
Author: Robert L. Mott, Edward M. Vavrek, Jyhwen Wang
Edition: 6th
ISBN-10: 0134441184
ISBN-13: 978-0134441184
Type: eTextbook

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