International Economics 16th Edition eTextbook by Thomas Pugel

Complete eTextbook Content:
Chapter 1: International Economics Is Different
Part I: The Theory of International Trade
Chapter 2: The Basic Theory Using Demand and Supply
Chapter 3: Why Everybody Trades: Comparative Advantage
Chapter 4: Trade: Factor Availability and Factor Proportions Are Key
Chapter 5: Who Gains and Who Loses from Trade?
Chapter 6: Scale Economies, Imperfect Competition, and Trade
Chapter 7: Growth and Trade
Part II: Trade Policy
Chapter 8: Analysis of a Tariff
Chapter 9: Nontariff Barriers to Imports
Chapter 10: Arguments For and Against Protection
Chapter 11: Pushing Exports
Chapter 12: Trade Blocs and Trade Blocks
Chapter 13: . Trade and the Environment
Chapter 14: Trade Policies for Developing Countries
Chapter 15: Multinationals and Migration: International Factor Movements
Part III: Understanding Foreign Exchange
Chapter 16: Payments Among Nations
Chapter 17: The Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 18: Forward Exchange and International Financial Investment
Chapter 19: What Determines Exchange Rates?
Chapter 20: Government Policies Toward the Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 21: International Lending and Financial Crises
Part IV: Macro Policies for Open Economies
Chapter 22: How Does the Open Macroeconomy Work?
Chapter 23: Internal and External Balance with Fixed Exchange Rates
Chapter 24: Floating Exchange Rates and Internal Balance
Chapter 25: National and Global Choices: Floating Rates and the Alternatives
Appendix A: The Web and the Library: International Numbers and Other Information
Appendix B: Deriving Production-Possibilities Curves
Appendix C: Offer Curves
Appendix D: The Nationally Optimal Tariff
Appendix E: Accounting for International Payments
Appendix F: Many Parities at Once
Appendix G: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply in the Open Economy
Appendix H: Devaluation and the Current Account Balance
Suggested Answers to Odd-Numbered Questions and Problems

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Name: International Economics 16th Edition
Author: Thomas Pugel
Edition: 16
ISBN-10: 0078021774
ISBN-13: 978-0078021770
Type: eTextbook

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