High Voltage Direct Current Transmission: Converters, Systems and DC Grids, 2nd Edition eTextbook by Dragan Jovcic

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part I: HVDC with Current Source Converters
1. Introduction to Line Commutated HVDC
2. Thyristors
3. Six-pulse Diode and Thyristor Converter
4. HVDC Rectifier Station Modelling, Control and Synchronisation with AC System
5. HVDC Inverter Station Modelling and Control
6. HVDC System V–I Diagrams and Operating Modes
7. HVDC Analytical Modelling and Stability
8. HVDC Phasor Modelling and Interactions with AC System
9. HVDC Operation with Weak AC Systems
10. Fault Management and HVDC System Protection
11. LCC HVDC System Harmonics
Bibliography Part I: Line Commutated Converter HVDC
Part II: HVDC with Voltage Source Converters
12. VSC HVDC Applications and Topologies, Performance and Cost Comparison with LCC HVDC
13. IGBT Switches and VSC Converter Losses
14. Single-phase and Three-phase Two-level VSC Converters
15. Two-level PWM VSC Converters
16. Multilevel VSC Converters in HVDC Applications
17. Two-level VSC HVDC Modelling, Control, and Dynamics
18. Two-level VSC HVDC Phasor-domain Interaction with AC Systems and PQ Operating Diagrams
19. Half Bridge MMC: Dimensioning, Modelling, Control, and Interaction with AC System
20. Full Bridge MMC Converter: Dimensioning, Modelling, and Control
21. MMC Converter Under Unbalanced Conditions
22. VSC HVDC Under AC and DC Fault Conditions
23. VSC HVDC Application For AC Grid Support and Operation with Passive AC Systems
Bibliography Part II: Voltage Source Converter HVDC
Part III: DC Transmission Grids
24. Introduction to DC Grids
25. DC Grids with Line Commutated Converters
26. DC Grids with Voltage Source Converters and Power Flow Model
27. DC Grid Control
28. DC Circuit Breakers
29. DC Grid Fault Management and Protection System
30. High Power DC/DC Converters and DC Power Flow Controlling Devices
Bibliography Part III: DC Transmission Grids
Appendix A. Variable Notations
Appendix B. Analytical Background to Rotating DQ Frame
Appendix C. System Modeling Using Complex Numbers and Phasors
Appendix D. Simulink Examples

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Name: High Voltage Direct Current Transmission: Converters, Systems and DC Grids, 2nd Edition
Author: Dragan Jovcic
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 1119566541
ISBN-13: 978-1119566540
Type: eTextbook

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