Economics 12th Global Edition eTextbook by Michael Parkin

Complete eTextbook Content:
PART ONE Introduction
Chapter 1 What Is Economics?
Chapter 2 The Economic Problem
PART TWO How Markets Work
Chapter 3 Demand and Supply
Chapter 4 Elasticity
Chapter 5 Efficiency and Equity
Chapter 6 Government Actions in Markets
Chapter 7 Global Markets in Action
PART THREE Households’ Choices
Chapter 8 Utility and Demand
Chapter 9 Possibilities, Preferences, and Choices
PART FOUR Firms and Markets
Chapter 10 Organizing Production
Chapter 11 Output and Costs
Chapter 12 Perfect Competition
Chapter 13 Monopoly
Chapter 14 Monopolistic Competition
Chapter 15 Oligopoly
PART FIVE Market Failure and Government
Chapter 16 Public Choices, Public Goods, and Healthcare
Chapter 17 Externalities
PART SIX Factor Markets, Inequality, and Uncertainty
Chapter 18 Markets for Factors of Production
Chapter 19 Economic Inequality
Chapter 20 Uncertainty and Information
PART SEVEN Monitoring Macroeconomic Performance
Chapter 21 Measuring GDP and Economic Growth
Chapter 22 Monitoring Jobs and Inflation
PART EIGHT Macroeconomic Trends
Chapter 23 Economic Growth
Chapter 24 Finance, Saving, and Investment
Chapter 25 Money, the Price Level, and Inflation
Chapter 26 The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments
PART NINE Macroeconomic Fluctuations
Chapter 27 Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
Chapter 28 Expenditure Multipliers
Chapter 29 The Business Cycle, Inflation, and Deflation
PART TEN Macroeconomic Policy
Chapter 30 Fiscal Policy
Chapter 31 Monetary Policy

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Name: Economics 12th Global Edition
Author: Michael Parkin
Edition: 12
ISBN-10: 1292094508
ISBN-13: 9781292094502
Type: eTextbook

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