Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice 5th Edition

Complete eTextbook Content:
1. Introduction to Cost–Benefit Analysis
2. Conceptual Foundations of Cost–Benefit Analysis
3. Microeconomic Foundations of Cost–Benefit Analysis
Appendix 3A. Consumer Surplus and Willingness to Pay
4. Valuing Impacts from Observed Behavior: Direct Estimation of Demand Schedules
Appendix 4A. Introduction to Multiple Regression Analysis
Case 4 Use of Demand Schedules in Regulatory Impact Analyses
5. Valuing Impacts in Output Markets
6. Valuing Impacts in Input Markets
7. Valuing Impacts in Secondary Markets
8. Predicting and Monetizing Impacts
Case 8 WSIPP CBA of the Nurse–Family Partnership Program
9. Discounting Future Impacts and Handling Inflation
Appendix 9A. Formulas for Calculating the Present Value of Annuities and Perpetuities
Case 9 A CBA of the North-East Mine Development Project
10. The Social Discount Rate
11. Dealing with Uncertainty: Expected Values, Sensitivity Analysis, and the Value of Information
Appendix 11A. Monte Carlo Sensitivity Analysis using Commonly Available Software
Case 11 Using Monte Carlo Simulation: Assessing the Net Benefits of EarlyDetection of Alzheimer’s
12. Risk, Option Price, and Option Value
Appendix 12A. Signing Option Value
13. Existence Value
Appendix 13A. Expenditure Functions and the Partitioning of Benefits
14. Valuing Impacts from Observed Behavior: Experiments and Quasi-Experiments
Case 14 Findings from CBAs of Welfare-to-Work Programs
15. Valuing Impacts from Observed Behavior: Indirect Market Methods
16. Contingent Valuation: Using Surveys to Elicit Information about Costs and Benefits
Case 16 Using Contingent Valuation to Estimate Benefits from Higher Education
17. Shadow Prices from Secondary Sources
Case 17 Shadow Pricing a High School Diploma
18. Cost–Effectiveness Analysis and Cost–Utility Analysis
19. Distributionally Weighted CBA
Case 19 The Tulsa IDA Account Program
20. How Accurate Is CBA?

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Name: Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice 5th Edition
Author: Anthony E. Boardman, David H. Greenberg, Aidan R. Vining, David L. Weimer
Edition: 5
ISBN-10: 1108415997
ISBN-13: 978-1108415996
Type: eTextbook

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