College Physics: A Strategic Approach 4th Edition eTextbook by Randall Knight, Brian Jones, Stuart Field

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part I: Force and Motion
Overview: The Science of Physics
Chapter 1: Representing Motion
Chapter 2: Motion in One Dimension
Chapter 3: Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions
Chapter 4: Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
Chapter 5: Applying Newton’s Laws
Chapter 6: Circular Motion, Orbits, and Gravity
Chapter 7: Rotational Motion
Chapter 8: Equilibrium and Elasticity
Part I: Summary Force and Motion
One Step Beyond: Dark Matter and the Structure of the Universe
Part I: Problems
Part II: Conservation Laws
Overview: Why Some Things Stay the Same
Chapter 9: Momentum
Chapter 10: Energy and Work
Chapter 11: Using Energy
Part II: Summary Conservation Laws
One Step Beyond: Order Out of Chaos
Part II: Problems
Part III: Properties of Matter
Overview: Beyond the Particle Model
Chapter 12: Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 13: Fluids
Part III: Summary Properties of Matter
One Step Beyond: Size and Life
Part III: Problems
Part IV: Oscillations and Waves
Overview: Motion That Repeats Again and Again
Chapter 14: Oscillations
Chapter 15: Traveling Waves and Sound
Chapter 16: Superposition and Standing Waves
Part IV: Summary Oscillations and Waves
One Step Beyond: Waves in the Earth and the Ocean
Part IV: Problems
Part V: Optics
Overview: Light Is a Wave
Chapter 17: Wave Optics
Chapter 18: Ray Optics
Chapter 19: Optical Instruments
Part V: Summary Optics
One Step Beyond: Scanning Confocal Microscopy
Part V: Problems
Part VI: Electricity and Magnetism
Overview: Charges, Currents, and Fields
Chapter 20: Electric Fields and Forces
Chapter 21: Electric Potential
Chapter 22: Current and Resistance
Chapter 23: Circuits
Chapter 24: Magnetic Fields and Forces
Chapter 25: EM Induction and EM Waves
Chapter 26: AC Electricity
Part VI: Summary Electricity and Magnetism
One Step Beyond: The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
Part VI: Problems
Part VII: Modern Physics
Overview: New Ways of Looking at the World
Chapter 27: Relativity
Chapter 28: Quantum Physics
Chapter 29: Atoms and Molecules
Chapter 30: Nuclear Physics
Part VII: Summary Modern Physics
One Step Beyond: The Physics of Very Cold Atoms
Part VII: Problems
Appendix A: Mathematics Review
Appendix B: Periodic Table of Elements
Appendix C: Atomic and Nuclear Data
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems
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Name: College Physics: A Strategic Approach 4th Edition
Author: Randall Knight, Brian Jones, Stuart Field
Edition: 4th
ISBN-10: 0134609034
ISBN-13: 9780134609034
Type: eTextbook

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