Chemistry of Renewables: An Introduction 1st Edition eTextbook by Arno Behr, Thomas Seidensticker

Complete eTextbook Content:
1. The Overview – Introduction
Part I. Fats and Oils
2. The Raw Materials of Oleochemistry – Oil Plants
3. The Basics of Oleochemistry – Basic Oleochemicals
4. There is More to Oleochemistry – Reactions at the Fatty Acid Alkyl Chain
5. The Coproduct of Oleochemistry – Glycerol
Part II. Carbohydrates
6. Sweet Chemistry – Mono- and Disaccharides
7. From Wood to Pulp – Cellulose
8. Products with a Little Twist – Starch
9. Carbohydrates from the Sea – Chitin, Chitosan and Algae
10. Cyclic Carbohydrates – Cyclodextrins
Part III. Lignin
11. The “Wood-Stuff” – Lignin
Part IV. Terpenoids
12. The Balm of the Trees – Terpenes
13. Elastomers from Nature! – Polyterpenes
Part V. Other Natural Substances
14. Building Blocks of Life – Amino Acids
15. Showing Your Colors Sustainably! – Natural Dyes
16. Nature’s Pharmacy – Natural Pharmaceuticals
17. Vital Amines – Vitamins
18. Enchanting Chemistry – Natural Flavors and Fragrances
19. Plastics from Nature – Biopolymers
Part VI. Biorefinery
20. Refined Raw Materials! – Biorefineries

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Name: Chemistry of Renewables: An Introduction
Author: Arno Behr, Thomas Seidensticker
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 3662614294
ISBN-13: 978-3662614297
Type: eTextbook

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