Capital and Ideology ebook by Thomas Piketty, Arthur Goldhammer

Complete ebook Content:
Preface and Acknowledgments
Part One. Inequality Regimes in History
1. Ternary Societies: Trifunctional Inequality
2. European Societies of Orders: Power and Property
3. The Invention of Ownership Societies
4. Ownership Societies: The Case of France
5. Ownership Societies: European Trajectories
Part Two. Slave and Colonial Societies
6. Slave Societies: Extreme Inequality
7. Colonial Societies: Diversity and Domination
8. Ternary Societies and Colonialism: The Case of India
9. Ternary Societies and Colonialism: Eurasian Trajectorie
Part Three. The Great Transformation of the Twentieth Century
10. The Crisis of Ownership Societies
11. Social-Democratic Societies: Incomplete Equality
12. Communist and Postcommunist Societies
13. Hypercapitalism: Between Modernity and Archaism
Part Four. Rethinking the Dimensions of Political Conflict
14. Borders and Property: The Construction of Equality
15. Brahmin Left: New Euro-American Cleavages
16. Social Nativism: The Postcolonial Identitarian Trap
17. Elements for a Participatory Socialism for the Twenty-First Century
Contents in Detail
List of Tables and Illustrations

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Name: Capital and Ideology
Publisher: The Belknap Press/Harvard University Press
Author: Thomas Piketty, Arthur Goldhammer
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 0674245075
ISBN-13: 9780674245075
Type: ebook

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