Bullshit Jobs: A Theory eBook by David Graeber

eBook Description:
From bestselling writer David Graeber, a powerful argument against the rise of meaningless, unfulfilling jobs, and their consequences.

Does your job make a meaningful contribution to the world? In the spring of 2013, David Graeber asked this question in a playful, provocative essay titled “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs.” It went viral. After a million online views in seventeen different languages, people all over the world are still debating the answer.

There are millions of people—HR consultants, communication coordinators, telemarketing researchers, corporate lawyers—whose jobs are useless, and, tragically, they know it. These people are caught in bullshit jobs.

Graeber explores one of society’s most vexing and deeply felt concerns, indicting among other villains a particular strain of finance capitalism that betrays ideals shared by thinkers ranging from Keynes to Lincoln. Bullshit Jobs gives individuals, corporations, and societies permission to undergo a shift in values, placing creative and caring work at the center of our culture. This book is for everyone who wants to turn their vocation back into an avocation.

Complete eBook Content:
Preface: On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs
Chapter 1: What Is a Bullshit Job?
Chapter 2: What Sorts of Bullshit Jobs Are There?
Chapter 3: Why Do Those in Bullshit Jobs Regularly Report Themselves Unhappy?
Chapter 4: What Is It Like to Have a Bullshit Job?
Chapter 5: Why Are Bullshit Jobs Proliferating?
Chapter 6: Why Do We as a Society Not Object to the Growth of Pointless Employment?
Chapter 7: What Are the Political Effects of Bullshit Jobs, and Is There Anything That Can Be Done About This Situation?

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Name: Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
Author: David Graeber
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN-10: 150114331X
ISBN-13: 978-1501143311
Type: eBook

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