Bioinspired Materials Science and Engineering eTextbook by Guang Yang, Lin Xiao, Lallepak Lamboni

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part I Biofabrication
1 Biotemplating Principles
2 Tubular Tissue Engineering Based on Microfluidics
3 Construction of Three‐Dimensional Tissues with Capillary Networks by Coating of Nanometer‐ or Micrometer‐Sized Film on Cell Surfaces
4 Three‐dimensional Biofabrication on Nematic Ordered Cellulose Templates
5 Preparation and Application of Biomimetic Materials Inspired by Mussel Adhesive Proteins
6 Self‐assembly of Polylactic Acid‐based Amphiphilic Block Copolymers and Their Application in the Biomedical Field
Part II Biomacromolecules
7 Electroconductive Bioscaffolds for 2D and 3D Cell Culture
8 Starch and Plant Storage Polysaccharides
9 Conformational Properties of Polysaccharide Derivatives
10 Silk Proteins: A Natural Resource for Biomaterials
11 Polypeptides Synthesized by Ring‐opening Polymerization of N‐Carboxyanhydrides: Preparation, Assembly, and Applications
12 Preparation of Gradient Polymeric Structures and Their Biological Applications
Part III Biomaterials 251
13 Bioinspired Materials and Structures: A Case Study Based on Selected Examples
14 Thermal‐ and Photo‐deformable Liquid Crystal Polymers and Bioinspired Movements
15 Tuning Mechanical Properties of Protein Hydrogels: Inspirations from Nature and Lessons from Synthetic Polymers
16 Dendritic Polymer Micelles for Drug Delivery
17 Bone‐inspired Biomaterials
18 Research Progress in Biomimetic Materials for Human Dental Caries Restoration

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Name: Bioinspired Materials Science and Engineering
Author: Guang Yang, Lin Xiao, Lallepak Lamboni
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 111939032X
ISBN-13: 978-1119390329
Type: eTextbook

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